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How do we attract, inspire, and empower the next generation of online travel professionals? How do we make starting a profitable travel business, easier than creating a Facebook page? Clientivity is a revolutionary new platform that does just that. Over the past 6 years we’ve developed a way to automate over 90% of the work it takes to build, manage, and grow a profitable travel business. Within seconds of creating a free account with Clientivity, you will be open for business, selling discounted hotel rooms in over 100 of the world's top travel destinations. The presentation, sales, fulfillment, customer service, and accounting is all automated. You keep the profit, and your customer gets a great deal on their hotel stay. Getting started is quick, and easy.

Innovative Platform

Traditional travel professionals use out-dated software. Our free platform eliminates 90% of the work.

Highest Conversion

Our fully-automated hotel booking websites convert 20 times higher than the industry average.

Lifetime Commissions

Members of Clientivity recieve commission from every sale. Commissons are paid every 2 weeks.

A brief introduction to Clientivity

Front End Website

Increase conversion

Your front end website is what customers use to search for, and book hotel rooms.

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Clientivity - Front end website
Clientivity - back end office

Back End Office

Customer & Sales Management

Your backend office is what you use to monitor sales and commissions, manage customers, download marketing materials and more.

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I built over $20,000 in passive monthly sales commissions within my first 60 days of using the Clientivity hotel booking platform.

by John AllenClientivity Member

The Clientivity platform is so easy to setup & use, and even easier to sell. Travelers see the value within 5 minutes.

by Cecilia ArnoldClientivity Sales Agent

The software is so effective I use it to earn extra commissions income from hotel sales even though im part of the sales team.

by Gerald WhitmoreClientivity Sales & Affiliate

Popular Clientivity Features

There are several ways our members are using the Clientivity platform


Start A Travel Business

  • Front End Website
  • Back End Office
  • Sales Commissions
  • Marketing Materials
  • Customer Service Team
  • Bi-Weekly Payouts
  • Use Any Domain Name
  • Use Any Logo

Travel Agent

$ 71 \mo

The Most Efficient Alternative

  • Front End Website
  • Back End Office
  • Commissionable or Net Rates
  • Marketing Materials
  • Customer Service Team
  • Bi-Weekly Payouts
  • Use Any Domain Name
  • Use Any Logo