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What we do

Over 75% of people are more likely to buy a product when learning about it from friends or family. Clientivity is a hotel booking software platform that empowers members to save and earn both time and money on personal, group and corporate travel. The platform is free, easy to use, and takes 2 minutes to setup. We've built powerful tools to help schedule and manage upcoming hotel reservations. Let our dedicated account representatives assist you with your next reservation.
Instant Online Setup

Your free hotel website and control panel will be online and ready for customer access in less than 2 minutes.


All Clientivity websites are white-labeled (personalized). Use any domain, logo and company name you choose.

Lowest Hotel Prices

Our fully-automated hotel booking websites offer prices that are 10-30% below the competition.

Earn Commissions

You get paid 5-10% commission from every hotel sale. Commissions are paid every 2 weeks.

Clientivity was built for...

Travel Agents

Gain access to wholesale rates, higher commissions, free accounting and invoicing, real-time rate lookups, an attractive and mobile compatible booking process and more.

Wedding Planners

Start earning commissions on hotel referrals, offering their clients attrition-free hotel options, white-label hotel websites, the ability to book multiple hotels and room types and more...

DMC / Concierge

Easy entry into the hotel business, higher commissions, no minimums, free accounting and invoicing, real-time rate lookups, iframe & widget website integration and more...

Hospitality / Nightlife

Earn commission from incoming travelers, lead generation tools, earlier access to potential customers with travel dates and contact information and a more professional presentation.

Social Media Influencers

Hotel deals are a product that has maximum market penetration. We provide an opportunity to monetize a captive audience that trust their recommendations.

Corporate Travel Professionals

Use Clientivity for employee benefit programs, customizable terms and user interface options to maintain branding, charity donation options, no cost or volume requirements and more.

10,000+ Clientivity Members
41,723+ Hotels Available
100,000+ Satisfied Customers
1 Software Platform

Incredible Features

Created to work for anyone who travels, on all mobile devices.
Easy Setup

Setting up a Clientivity account takes less than 2 minutes and is absolutely free.

100% Responsive

Use any desktop or mobile device to search, book, save and manage your hotel reservations.

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Fully Automated

We handle all customer service, reservation tracking, reservations, prices, special instructions, updates, cancellations and more.

Five Star Service

Leverage our personal relationships, experience and spending power to make personal, group and corporate hotel reservations easy.

User Interface Options

Select from over 10 themes and customize with your own images, logos and text.

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Perfect for any Event

Offer your friends and family hotel discounts for your special event or occasion.

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Some of our most popular cities

Take a moment to browse some of the hotels we offer in some of our most popular travel destinations. All Clientivity members have access to exclusive deals and discounts at these hotels. When your friends, family and customers book their hotels using your Clientivity website you earn a 5-10% commission.

Miami Beach Hotels

Miami, Florida

View our hotel selection in Miami Florida
Miami Beach Hotels

New York City, New York

View our hotel selection in New York
Las Vegas, Nevada Hotels

Las Vegas, Nevada

View our hotel selection in Las Vegas, Nevada
Dubai Hotels

Dubai, UAE

View our hotel selection in Dubai, UAE
Los Angeles Hotels

Los Angeles, California

View our hotel selection in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Hotels

San Francisco, California

View our hotel selection in San Francisco, California

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

How To Use Your Clientivity Website

Learn how customers use your new Clientivity website to search, book and save on hotels. When your friends, family and customers save on hotels, you earn a commission. This step by step tutorial will show you the details.

Clientivity Intro

The team here at Clientivity.com has been focused on providing our users with the tools and support they need to succeed & our customers with both Forbes Five Star service and unbeatable hotel discounts.

Front End Website

Increase efficiency

Our end to end solution makes reserving a single hotel stay or group reservation easier than ever before. We leverage our personal relationships, experience and spending power within the hospitality industry to make special requests such as early checkin, event and meeting space reservations and transportation to and from the airport easy.

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Clientivity - Front end website
Clientivity - back end office

Back End Office

Customer & Sales Management

Clientivity is one of the only travel software solutions that offers real-time reservation tracking. Reservations, prices, special instructions, updates, cancellations and more can be accessed and updated from any computer or mobile device easily.

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Real Time Analytics

Run your Clientivity business passively

When a Clientivity member makes a sale, they are given powerful data in real time to help increase their marketing efforts and to gain insight on where their customers are coming from, how far in advance they booked their trip and several important data points that help drive meaningful decisions.

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Clientivity - Front end website

Start Your Business With Clientivity Today!

Instant Setup

How You Succeed

Use these three easy steps to get the most out of Clientivity


Take two minutes to create and setup your online business using the Get Started button below.



Share your website using social media, email, text messages and phone calls to let your friends and family know about your new hotel business.



Once your network starts booking hotel rooms uisng your website, you will earn commission from every sale.

Clientivity Spotlight

Meet some of our top contributors.
Daniel Graham Clientivity

The Scoop

Between building and maintaining the Clientivity platform, press interviews, content creation, partner aquisition and personal sales, Daniel has been on fire lately.

Daniel Graham

CTO & Co-Founder
Jordan Spitz Clientivity

The Scoop

Jordan Spitz has been part of Clientivity from the beginning. He has successfully generated over $800,000 in personal sales not including over $2,000,000 in referral sales.

Jordan Spitz

Marsha Arnold Clientivity

The Scoop

After a few months of learning about the hotels business and the Clientivity platform, Marsha has generated over $10,000 in sales from her first month of active sales. We are so excited to see her business grow in the coming months.

Marsha Arnold